comfort zones are lovely – but nothing grows there Some people want to achieve more than others … You’re the ones we’re here to help. Bizniz-as-usual and corporate comfort zones may be 
reassuring – but they don’t establish new achievement 
agendas or commercial breakthroughs. Why repeat the same old communication approaches 
in a changed and changing world? Forget “the usual suspects” and mainstream ordinariness. Bring in a small, intensely experienced team familiar with 
executive-level communication challenges – and who add 
to the pie – and whose sole agenda is to make a high-impact success of your marketing, branding and communication agendas. We’re the ideal way to break communication project gridlock 
by dealing with unconventional, unscripted assignments, leapfrogging organisational bottlenecks and achieving more/better with less. You can follow the herd with conventional, slow-moving repackaging of familiar ideas – or you can move project mountains and emerge as a break-the-mould hero in your unique business set-up.

manifesto for heroes : merely replicating previous scenarios doesn’t change the game. Do something that stands out from the crowd

No ad agency divas and cookie-cutter templates here.
disruptively different – constructively creative
why us
for content-critical international audiences We’re not here to prettify PowerPoints. And you can get ordinary stuff done at the usual places.
Instead we’re here to help you sculpt success with non-standard projects and unconventional, unscripted strategy/marketing/communication assignments aimed at content-critical, “been there/seen that” international audiences. Our job is to help you succeed with your projects, so we’d rather not be dogmatic about what/how form or content. The path to hero status is up to you. Strategy/communication jobs we excel at include: • Repositioning statements • Prototyping new concepts and approaches • Modelling strategy leaps and “break-the-mould” ideas • Conceptualising new brand/product identities • Technology profiling • Investor pitches • Attention-getting words/visuals/presentations for any context
meet us


thoughts for the modern business hero
track record
We’re a team of seriously experienced creative specialists in international marketing, branding and communication, with the wrinkles to prove it. Each of us has a big-league track record of moulding intelligently disruptive creative leaps for business practices, perceptions, priorities and products. Discretion prohibits us from listing many of our biggest successes here 
– but we’ll tell you more when we meet.
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